The popular LH TAP Shark-Fest is On!!

I will do the Shark-Fest but there will be some changes so it does not interfere with the Titleholder. Everyone needs to know that the Titleholder is first and foremost and I WILL NOT let the Shark-Fest interfere with those matches..

1. 32 teams max
2. Three roundsĀ  6...8...10 PM....PAIRINGS AT 4:00 PM...BLIND DRAW
3. Top 16 advance to the final rounds on Friday at 11 ...semi finals at 2 and finals at 4 PM Ties will be broken on Thursday night with spot shots.
4. To speed things up only one time out per game and the highest cap player or the player in the 3rd slot gets no timeouts. No talking in the scotch triples games while at the table. No timeouts.
5. Since the final 8 will be on Friday I will allow each team to add one alternate in case a player from Thursday has to work. These alternates can only play on Friday and not in the round robin matches on Thursday. If you have to work, please do not put a team in if you can not field 3 players. Mention who your alternate is when you submit your roster.** NOTE** THE ALTERNATE MUST BE CAPPED SO YOUR TEAM IS STILL UNDER 15 PTS.
6. Any teams playing on Friday cannot play in any minis.
7. Entry is $150 per 15-point max...2 games each of 8 and 9 ball and three games of scotch triples with all 3 players (15 total games)
8. Payout is 100% minus any plaques if wanted ($17 each)
9. Caps based on Titleholder caps
10. Flip or lag for first break. Alternating breaks there after