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Last updated on: 9/18/2017
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Upcoming Event Dates

Fall Session Starts
Week of September 18

TAP Nationals
October 21-26, 2017
The Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
6 matches need in from June 5 to Sept. 25

Fall Titleholder
January 25-28, 2018

Spring Titleholder
June 7-10, 2018

National Playoffs
September 7-9, 2018

Summer Titleholder
September 13-16, 2018

Quality Inn room rates for Somerset
Room rates
September and January...$69...King room...$79

Room rate...June ...$79....King...$89

Rates are good until one week before the event.

​Call 814-443-4646 and mention the pool tournament
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Tie Breaker Rule Change (Posted May 2017)

With the new score keeping app tracking so much info there will be one feature in it that I will be using to break multiple ties. Teams I believe using the app now is making the league closer due to better score keeping. If you look on the standings it shows games won and lost for each team. If I can not break it the normal way of head to head and all the teams are still tied, ties will be broken by teams having the least amount of games lost.I will use it this session if there is no other way but AFTER this session this will be the main tiebreaker from now on and not head to head. (If teams are still tied then I will go to most games won)
With advancements in technology comes changes and this is one change for the better. It will penalize teams for possibly losing games on purpose and it is much easier to break ties.
Ties also will be broken the same way when I am seeding the 1st bracket for a Titleholder between divisions and not based on division size.

****. You might ask why not go by the most wins? The reason for that is 7 higher caps have to win more games and if a team has higher caps on it then they have the chance to win more games then a team of all 3 and 4 caps. So it will be determined by the most losses.You can argue the teams with higher caps could lose more games as well and my answer to that is...Don't lose games.

Also, I would be crazy not to use this feature and it is a lot easier for teams to see where they stand towards the end of the session in a tie breaker situation.

 Time outs
To speed up play on league nights, 4 to 7 caps will get only one time out per game. 2 and 3 caps will get the standard 2 time outs with 2 caps receiving unlimited 10 second coaches per each shot. 
(NOTE....This is only a local rule and not a national rule.)
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