26 years of 8 Ball Excellence

LH TAP,,,Serving Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, Blair, counties, Pa. and the Frostburg, Md. area. Now in our 18th year.

" Setting the standard for others to follow since 1997"
Last updated on: 11/27/2015
  After All The Rest..........Why Not The Best ?
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Upcoming TAP Dates

Fall Titleholder
Jan 29-31, 2016
Quality Inn, Somerset

Spring startup is week of February 1.

Rally in the Valley
Super Billiards Expo
April 14-17, 2016
Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks, PA

Spring Titleholder
Quality Inn, Somerset
June 3-5, 2016

Rooms are $65.99 a night.
 Call 814-443-4646 to book your rooms.
(Some 1st and 2nd round national matches will be played at home locations that have the highest seed)

Summer Titleholder and National Playoffs
September...Date TBA

TAP 2016 Nationals
November 18 to 22, 2016.
Embassy Suites by Hilton Charleston Area Convention Center
5055 International Blvd, North Charleston, 
South Carolina 29418
(NOTE...This finishes two days before Thanksgiving)
Must have 6 matches from Monday, June 27th, 2016 to Monday, October 5th 2016

Laurel Highlands TAP is the...

    Home of the first TAP league in Pa. & the second oldest TAP league in the U.S.and Canada

    Home of  the largest billiard events in Western Pa.,
 the LH TAP Titleholders

    Home of the first TAP league to live stream events

  Home of the Morgan Cup & the "Shark-Fest"


The new 3.0 version should be out before Christmas. Once it is launched you will need to go to the store links below and upgrade your app.

TAP is the only league in the world that offers this kind of hi tech score keeping!! No more keeping score in dark locations and not being able to see the score sheet. No more paper and pens or faxing and emailing them to your league operator. A simple click of the button and it's sent from your smart phone, tablets or Ipads..

Click on the Run Out App logo to download the Droid version

About 85% of LH TAP is using this app. now so If your not using it, you should be.

Only The Alley and St Stan's should be scored on 9 ft tables 
when they are at home.


How To Use the Score keeper App.

Click on the links below to go to the store to download the free app

For Iphones and Ipads

For Droids

For all the up to date info, click on the LH TAP Facebook page above

Bedford schedule changes

Nov 30...Steeles is at home vs Judys 2

December 7....Judy's Lazy Boys at home vs .Pleasantville VFW 

For the Fall Titleholder next January here is what can be expected.
Based on 60 teams for the Fall session..(this is approx. and could fluctuate up or down depending on team counts, bye weeks, teams dropping mid session, etc.)...Total Titleholder purse that can be expected next January...$12,000....Plus...2nd chance tourney min $500 (no buy in) ...$300 for division winning teams..approx $7,000 for the national travel fund, MVP plaques to the top handicaps from all divisions combined and no Titleholder green fees!

Based on these numbers 1st bracket would get:
5-8th ....$125

2nd bracket

2nd Chance
$500 min

and don't forget....

                             The Shark-Fest !!


For the Fall session Titleholder!!

All non Titleholder teams that do not make it out of the playoffs will receive a FREE LH TAP tee shirt.Not sure of which design I will be using at this time. Team captains or team rep can pick up their shirts at the Titleholder only in Somerset. No shipping or deliveries.Sizes will range from small to XXL only. Sorry...no XXXL and XXXXL available.
I can not guarantee each members shirt size. 
Sizes available while they last.

(I plan on doing this for every Fall and Spring session (not Summer) Designs will change with each session.)


10 Ball Cash Break
One player will be drawn each night (Friday and Saturday)
Tickets sold Friday are not good for Saturday
Players will break one rack of 10 ball.
Break will be at 10 PM each night
$100 added by me to start to seed the pot...once the pot is over $500 I get my money back
2-4 handicaps can break dry and still retain the table
5-7 handicaps need to make a ball on the break to retain the table
Must be a legal break
Each ball made is worth 10% of the pot
Any money left in the pot after Saturday will roll over until the next Titleholder.
This is open to anyone...non TAP members and the public are welcome.
Tickets cost 
1 for $3
2 for $5
5 for $10
Arm length $20
This has been going on in other areas (Canada's pot is over $6,000!!) and has proven to be a big hit. This is what one TAP rep George Cornelius, from Canada posted on Facebook.. " I encourage everyone to try it out. In Toronto we had a player make 1 ball off the break tonight and he received $715 for that 1 ball. Our pot next week will start at $6,500."

Example....$400 in the pot. One player is drawn on Friday. A 4 handicap is drawn. Person does not make a ball on the break. But this player runs the 1-2 and 3 balls and misses. Each ball is worth 10% of the pot or $40 each...Player wins $120....On Saturday we sale another $500 in tickets. Total now is $780 minus my seed $100...$680 total...A 6 handicap is drawn. The 6 makes 1 ball on the break and makes the 1 ball and scratches. He made 1 legit ball and wins $68 and the pot rolls over to the June Titleholder. You can see how this pot could get huge.