TAP in the Media

Over the past 25 years, LH TAP and TAP in general have made the news in the forms of magazines, interviews and newspaper articles. Below are a few of these. Enjoy.
Inside Pool Mag. Sept 2004

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Ok guys.....I look like crap for this interview due to lack of sleep and I wasn't even suppose to do this in the first place. On the last minute I was called up to do it and I even had a beer in my hand and food in my mouth. So I wasn't prepared at all and  I had to wing it. Anyone can do better? Step up... :)

May 2017 issue of the Somerset County Magazine
This video interview of TAP founder Loyd Schonter was taken circa 2010. Notice when he said about giving the players more stats. This was just before the score keeping app was built. He knew what he wanted back then and now we all have his vision.