Here will be the changes for future events. I listened to what a few players posted, texted me and emailed me and here is what I can do and I believe it will work.

In the past I ran two rounds on Friday night but that was when I ran 4 hour time limits. I do not want to go back to 4 hours and rush players so here is what is going to happen.

Friday night....Two rounds for the 2nd bracket will start at 5 PM and not 6 PM. (yes I know some people work but they can have at least 2 or 3 players there to start) The 2nd round will start at 9:30 and finish at 2 AM.
After the 2nd round I will seed the final board up and I will have every team look at it to make sure there are no mistakes. If they don't catch it and I don't see it the board will stand as is. It will be up to each team captain to verify that is is correct.

Saturday...1st bracket will play at 8 AM and then 1 PM. After the 2nd round I will seed the final board up and I will have every team look at it to make sure there are no mistakes. If they don't catch it and I don't see it the board will stand as is. It will be up to each team captain to verify that is correct.

At 5:30 on Saturday we will do the final boards of 16 teams in both brackets.

This will mean there will be no congested transition period. It will be eliminated 100%. The only difference will be the one hour earlier start time. I think this is a small price to pay and it only affects the 2nd bracket teams. This will also ease parking spaces as well.

Approx at 10 PM Saturday we will do the 2nd chance event as tables open up.

I will also go over the rules that we do on a local level and post them on the main board so there is no confusion because sometimes I forget what was in place and what was changed.

Another problem is players on multiple teams that are in a match and are needed on another table. These players need to inform their teams and adjust to this. Teams will have 5 minutes to put a player up. You can not hold the other team responsible for this. Regardless of how many games they have left in their match. It is not about being polite and waiting but it is all about moving the event along in a timely manner. This rule will be enforced and that is why you have 8 players on a team. AT NO TIME CAN A TEAM PUT A PLAYER UP IF THEY ARE IN ANOTHER MATCH.

Shark-Fest? This is such a popular event but it is also a pain to run and messes up the time frame. I will from now on run the 3 rounds on Thursday and the final boards will start at noon on Friday so it will not interfere with the Titleholder. Titleholder is and always will be the #1 priority. 


Effective for the June 2018 Titleholders

After viewing how the app worked on sudden death matches I have decided (along with player input at the Rally) that we will also go back to 4 hour matches. What the app was doing when you hit the 3 1/2 hour mark it would turn light red and you could finish the match you were in but after that it would only allow a one game sudden death match. This will speed up our Titleholders, especially on Saturday by a hour or two which might not sound like much but it is huge on my end.

I also heard from players at the Rally that want to go back to 4 hours. There is no reason to take so much time between shots and they expressed a desire to speed things up so it's final....4 hour matches at Titleholders.


Attention Somerset TAP and APA Teams..Scotch Doubles for the 2019 Rally in the Valley!!!....PLEASE SHARE THIS!!

Starting in June for 10 weeks and then a 2nd session in October for 14 weeks LH TAP will be running scotch doubles leagues any place in Somerset county. If a location has two tables we will run it all in house. (Dodd's Hotel...Confluence VFW...Somerset Eagles...The Alley... Buck Horn) If one table we can do a travelling division.

For example....if players at Dodds want to play all in house or they have another location close to them they can play all in house or split the teams between both locations. Its a great business night for a location that wants to keep all the business in house.

Here is how it will work:


Cost $8 per player...$16 per team...Two player teams only!

Current Somerset APA players....You come in and pay your $20 membership and I will renew you after the Summer session for a extra year for free!! 2 years for $20 compare to $50 in the APA for the same 2 years!

If in house....8 doubles teams on two tables at intervals of 7...8...9 and 10 PM

If not in house then we will travel to different locations

10 Point team handicap to start...APA players with no TAP cap will come in one under their APA cap (at my discretion) After the first match, teams will have one handicap and play to that same as a normal league night race.

We will do a playoff after each session and the winners of both of those sessions will play for the trips to Valley Forge next April to compete in the doubles event at the TAP Rally. I will set the playoffs up depending on the number of teams in each division.

Based on only 8 teams (16 players) after both sessions we will send 4 teams to the Rally with their entry paid and $400 travel money for hotel and gas. That means for every 8 teams we will send 4 to the Rally in Valley Forge!!! A 50% CHANCE OF GOING...What's your odds in the APA?

This will start on Monday June 4th and run for 10 weeks.

This is strictly to send as many teams to the Rally. $250 for the division winner and $150 for 2nd plus 4 trips to the Super Billiards Expo!!

(Note...TAP allows me one session to let non team TAP 8 ball members try our doubles league. It is a national rule they must be on a regular TAP 8 ball team for the Fall session.)

And don't forget....no paper and pen scoring....All done with the TAP the App score keeping.

Contact Sam at 814-525-0687 or go the the LH TAP website at poolpa.com and register your team


Two sessions
 Division winner get $300 and playoff spot
2nd place gets playoff spot
4th plays at 3rd for final playoff spot

Spring session
Shaffs...DW...1st round bye
Hurry Back 9 Ballers....33

Fall session starts in mid October..same as above

6 teams come back for a DE tournament......Two divisions winners get a bye...2 teams got to Valley Forge with paid entry and travel money