Starts on Saturday at 2:30 PM

 Who is the best lady 9 ball player in LH TAP?

I made a agreement with the WPBA (Women's Professional Billiard Association) and although some things are still in the works the one thing Belinda Calhoun, the VP of the WPBA, has allowed me to announce at this time that one lady TAP member will be given a spot in the 2017 U.S Open! 

LH TAP has decided to have local qualifiers to send a player or players to our nationals in Charleston in November. Each area can send the same ratio that they allowed with national teams. LH TAP is allowed to send 4 teams to nationals so we are allowed 4 ladies spots.The winner at nationals will get the spot in the U.S. Open next March which I believe at this time will be at the Rivers casino in Pittsburgh. 

With this all being said, I would like to hold two qualifying tournaments for the ladies. One was at the past June Titleholder and one in September. I think we can easily do 8 player boards.Entry cost will be $40. 100% of this money will go to the entry at nationals ($125) and the rest for rooms and travel. The winning player is responsible for booking rooms and travel. Based on two 8 player boards at $40 each there will be $515 for room and travel.

If the national event has more then 32 lady players there will be money paid back deeper in the field.

NOTE...Since the US Open is not handicapped neither will the national qualifier be and locally there will not be no handicaps. It will be a double elimination event, race to 4....9 ball. National qualifier will be 9 ball, no caps, race to 5 round robin and then single elimination after that. Depending on entrants there probably will be money for players that do not win the event.

 If it interferes with any Titleholder or Shark-Fest matches we will work around all events.
NOTE...If both winners would rather not play each other, they both could go and share the room and travel cost. A second entry of $125 would come out of that so there would be $390 for room and travel.

Must be a active LH TAP member and due to casino gaming laws players must be 21 years of age.

The ladies have always been asking for their own event so now they got it. If you ever wanted to play in a pro event (9 foot tables) now is your chance.